Author: Annie Seiglie

#GivingTuesday is a day dedicated to generosity and giving. It occurs every year on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. It’s a day to acknowledge the power of giving, volunteerism, and simple acts of kindness. Please join St. Timothy on this day. You can share the good news of our campaign, sign up to be an ambassador, help your loved ones and neighbors, and even give if you can. Every donation and act of kindness counts!

We look forward to “seeing” you #GiveCatholic this #GivingTuesday

Join the Pauline sisters for our annual Baby Jesus Party, taking place at Pauline Books
and Media on Saturday, Dec. 2, from noon – 3 p.m.
Our fun activities will include:
-Nativity costumes
-Photos at the manger
-Visit from Saint Nicholas
-Live music
-Activities for kids
We look forward to seeing you there!

We are in search of a dynamic, faith-filled individual to join our parish office team. We currently have a full-time position available. The job posting is in the bulletin and details can be found on the Archdiocese of Miami website (click on ‘Church’, then ‘St. Timothy’). Those interested should submit a cover letter, resume, and application (found on ADOM link).

Para quienes son:
Para los que tengan deseo de acercarse más a Dios
Para los que quieran ordenar sus vidas
Para los que quieran profundizar en la vida de oración
Para los que desean descubrir el proyecto de Dios en sus vidas

A lo que hay que comprometerse:

  • Trabajar en la oración personal diaria
  • Asistir a todas las reuniones de grupo
  • Compartir en la experiencia de oración

Cuando Comienzan:

  • Comienza el viernes, 29 de septiembre a las 7:30 PM en la nave al este de la Iglesia (entrando por la 102 avenida)
  • Cada viernes sucesivo por un periodo aproximado de 5 meses
  • Se darán en español sin costo alguno

Se debe llenar una planilla de inscripción que se puede solicitar
por teléfono o por internet,

Retrouvaille is for couples who need or want to rekindle and strengthen their marriage or get it back on track. It is also for couples who may be cold and distant, and believe that there is no hope for their marriage. The program helps couples that are struggling in their marriage, even those who are considering marriage separation or who are already separated or divorced. We welcome couples of ALL ages, regardless of how long they have been married, or have been in trouble. Retrouvaille has helped heal tens of thousands of marriages worldwide. The next event will be Sept. 8 in Spanish. For more information, contact the Registration Team at 305-915-4607,  email or visit